List of Works

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[Poet]'s Breath for Solo Performer with typewriter, 2018

Appreciating Literature for Multiple Performers, 2018

The Burden of Frail Flesh for Flute, Clarinet, Violin and Cello, 2017

ANTI-POST- for Wind Orchestra, 2017

TayandYou for Flute Quartet, 2017

ToxoKaiVelos for Solo Piano, 2016

Loud Voices Behind for Performer and offstage Mixed Ensemble, 2016

Cwn Annwn for Brass Quintet, 2016

This Is for Wind Orchestra, 2016

Shining Light for Solo Piano, 2016

Pigeon Talk for 4 Orators, Piano & Synthesiser, 2015

Haikus for Soloists, 2015

Song5 for Solo Alto, Solo Tenor and Wind Quartet, 2015

Dialogue for French Horn, Bass Guitar and Visuals, 2014

Enter through black. Exit through white. for Brass Band, 2014

Capel Celyn for Piano and 4 performers, 2014

Music and Dance for Four Pedestrians for four performers, 2014

Leave Me for Solo Violin, accompaniment for theatre piece, 2014

La Grande Boucle 101 for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Vocal Performer, 2014

hateLOVE for large choir, 2014

Beddgelert: A Welsh Language Chamber Opera, 2014

A Young Person’s Hommage for Flute and Clarinet, 2013

88keys for Solo Piano, 2013

Instead of sparkling water, he now spouts red blood for Wind Quintet, 2013

Drum Kit Concerto for Drum Kit & Orchestra, 2013

Blind: A vignette for SATB, 2013

Cottleston Pie for Oboe, Clarinet in B♭, Shakuhachi, Sho, 2013

Simultaneous Sunrise/Sunset for Solo Piano, 2012

The End for Mixed Ensemble, 2012

Light.Hope.Time. A dramatic scene for Solo Soprano, 2012

Burden, performance piece, 2012

Shout for 16 performers, 2012

(2πr)/2 + (2r) = L + R for Solo Piano, 2011

Messages from the Dead for Solo Bass, Heavy Metal Vocalist, Mixed Ensemble, 2011

Don’t Leave for Solo Performer, 2011

Chamber Concerto for Trio, 2011

Table Score for Clarinets, 2011

String Quartet 2011, 2011

Musical Statues for Mixed Ensemble, 2010

2 Oboists, 1 Score, 2010

Five poems by A.A. Milne for Two Sopranos, 2010