Clear Cut

For the last few months I have been wandering the streets of Cardiff, allowing my ears to experience passing moments in peoples lives and then documenting the phrases heard. The idea came from every day life and the moments, phrases I'd heard whilst walking the streets. I came to the conclusion that some of these overheard phrases were some of the most honest unsheltered or forced moments one may ever experience with a stranger.

I collected this moments, phrases, without any real knowledge of what they may allow me to create.

I was then invited to present work at Clear Cut and this gave me a chance to create a form to present these moments. To begin work on a piece which I could test on fellow artists and a willing audience.

The worked found its own shape and Clear Cut allowed me to present the work (what existed so far) in a incredibly supportive environment. A great evening and the work seemed to be well received by the audience. I intend to rework the piece for Wind Quartet however the ideas were presented and it is truly remarkable how taking a step back from a work, through presenting/performance, can give greater insight into the work.

Many thanks to all at Clear Cut for a great evening.