Occupation: Five songs that shook the world

I've been commissioned by the WNO as part of a social media project they have just launched, along with Carleen Andrews, Judith Weir, Cerys Matthews and High Contrast, to write a 3 minute song.

I need to take the time to thank all involved as this is a hugely excitement opportunity for myself. The only downside is I have to wait patiently until January to begin my song and I am EAGER to get started. However until then do check out the website, as there will be a news and updates released constantly until that time. New tracks from the aforementioned artists will also be released periodically during Nov/Dec, and all for free.

I'll be writing the final song which will set opinions from the public, reaped from social media. If you'd like you're own opinions set to music follow this link, fill in the form and who knows you could have you're own opinions sang by the WNO!!!

Here is the link to the project website: occupation.org.uk