Simultaneous Sunrise/Sunset

for Solo Piano (2012)


The piece acts as a musical interpretation of a  simultaneous sunrise and sunset. The staccato chords in the bass act as the beginnings of a sunrise, initially heavy and dark before transcending through the register of the piano, moving from the left hand to the right and ending high and light. Simultaneously a melody acts as the beginning of a sunset, and in contrast to the staccato chords begins light and high before gradually descending and ending heavy and dark. At one point in the piece the melody and staccato chords share the same register and dynamics; this is the point were this imagery of sunset/sunrise would share the same height in the sky. They then move on continuing the journey above or below the horizon. The piece uses a minimalist approach as it uses very few materials and the developments are very gradual in an attempt to represent the fluidity of a sunrise or sunset.