Drum Kit Concerto

for Solo Drum Kit and Chamber Orchestra (2011)


Concerto (Fr. Concert; Ger. Konzert). An instrumental work that maintains contrast between an orchestral ensemble and a smaller group or a solo instrument ... From the 1820's, the virtuoso concerto flourished as the favourite vehicle for the display of the full range of the instrumental technique ... The orchestral accompaniment could provide an innocuous but helpful frame or an imposing if not monumental sonic backdrop to the soloist's arsenal of pyrotechnics.

Arthur Hutchings, Leon Botsein: 'Concerto', in The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians Second Edition, ed. Stanley Sadie (Oxford: Macmillan, 2001).


A core feature of the Concerto as a classical form was as a vehicle to present the virtuosic capabilities of an instrumentalist. It is this aspect on which I have chosen to focus when writing the piece. I have used the ensemble purely as an entity to accompany the soloist. As the drum kit itself consists entirely of circles, the rhythmic, melodic, structural material has been derived from the first two-hundred digits of π.




Premiered by Victor Valentinov Minkov and the CMG Orchestra in the Cardiff University CMG Concert in 2013.