Daniel-Wyn Jones is a bilingual Cardiff-based composer whose interests include the natural drama that occurs in music and its performance. Influenced by a diverse selection of modern popular and classical music his music reflects these interests with its strong sense of pace and diversity of sound and feeling, and accentuates the drama that already exists within music. He draws heavily upon the influences of other art disciplines, especially Theatre of the Absurd, modern dance, conceptual and performance art and a variety of classic 20th and 21st century literature.


Daniel-Wyn has studied under a number of well regarded tutors such as Dr Arlene Sierra, Dr Gordon McPherson, Prof. Judith Weir, Dr Robert Fokkens and Prof. Rory Boyle at both the Cardiff University School of Music and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

He has also worked with many prestigious ensembles including the Welsh National Opera, Exaudi, The Carducci Quartet and Okeanos, to name a few.


Alongside composition Daniel-Wyn has a passion for the promoting of new arts.

He acted as Artistic Assistant/Assistant Producer of Sinfonia Newydd Festival 2012.

Curator of the Cardiff Fluxus Event 2012 (whilst consulting Prof. Ken Friedman) and Piano Pieces at the Abacus Art Gallery, Cardiff with an opening event of musical performances.


In all of these roles Daniel-Wyn has commissioned numerous new works from both composers and artists alike as well as the general bureaucratic elements that accompany the organisation of events.


Daniel-Wyn strives to create and promote new works in the increasingly unsure future of the arts.